Miller Elementary

Traffic Safety

Take The Pledge For Safety! Together, we can!

Each year, hundreds of school age children are killed and tens of thousands are injured when hit by cars.  Our school is working to improve traffic safety and keep our students safe at drop-off and pick-up times.  We’re asking you to take the pledge of safety:


  • We pledge to obey street signs for parking, speed limits and traffic direction.
  • We pledge to set a good example for our children and to take traffic safety seriously so they will learn the importance of safe behavior around cars and streets.
  • We pledge to keep the car completely stopped at intersections when students are crossing the street.
  • We pledge not to stop the car in the middle of the street or in the entrance to the parking lot when no cars are ahead of us.
  • We pledge not to make or take cell phone calls while driving near the school.
  • We pledge not to call our students into the street or signal them to cross the flow of traffic in the parking lot.
  • We pledge never to make U turns with our cars in the streets around the school.
  • We pledge to pull over to the curb on the school side of the street when dropping students off or picking them up.
  • We pledge to protect the safety of all children as well as our own.


  • We pledge to respectfully follow instructions from student traffic safeties, adult crossing guards, parent traffic volunteers and school staff.
  • We pledge to cross streets only at the corners and never in the middle.
  • We pledge never to walk between parked cars to get to the street.
  • We pledge to walk, not run, on the sidewalks around school and when crossing the streets.
  • We pledge to be careful around school buses and, if we ride a bus, to follow the bus drivers’ instructions.
  • We pledge to put safety first during the busy traffic times at the start and end of the school day because we know the combination of children and cars is a dangerous one.
  • We pledge to practice the school’s core values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect for Self and Others, Responsibility, Courtesy and Citizenship.