Miller Elementary

Miller Elementary

Home of the Mustangs!

4824 Lois
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

Below you will find email and classroom websites of our awesome staff!

School Principal & Office Team

  • Mr. Amal Abdulla, Principal (abdulla@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Amal Chehab, Assistant Principal (chehaba@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Hala Berry, Office Manager (berryh@dearbornschools.org) 
  • Ms. Asma Aldubaily, Child Accountant (aldubaa@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Hoida Chamas, Receptionist (chamash@dearbornschools.org)

Kindergarten Team

  • Mrs. Amy Baskin (baskina@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Angela Drabczyk (drabcza@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Christine Jordan (jordanc@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Debbie Mills (millsd@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Teffaha Mroue (mrouet1@dearbornschools.org)

First Grade Team

  • Mrs. Alina Donelson (donelsa@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Nirali Makim (makimn@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Nadia Musleh (muslehn@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Amanda Wentland (wentlaa@dearbornschools.org)

Second Grade Team

  • Ms. Mariam Abdulla (abdullm@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Hassana Hammoud (hammouh@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Carrie Harrison (harrisc@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Maria Siciliano (sicilim@dearbornschools.org)

Third Grade Team

  • Mrs. Ellen Anderson
  • Mrs. Jennifer Burgess (burgesj@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Mariam Elkadri (elkadrm@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Fatima Haidarah
  • Mrs. Deanna Wall (walld@dearbornschools.org)

Fourth Grade Team

  • Ms. Yusra Alsabahi (alsabay@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Sawsan Beydoun (beydous4@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Zahra Kazan (kazanza@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Deanna Traicoff (traicod@dearbornschools.org)

Fifth Grade Team

  • Mr. T.J. Duering (duerint@dearbornschools.org) 
  • Ms. Lina Moukalled (moukall@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mr. Joseph Winkel (winkelj@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Rouba Zastrow (zastror@dearbornschools.org)

Special Area Team

  • Ms. Sahar Beydoun, Social Worker
  • Mrs. Rachel Bohlman, Sped RT (vanwalr@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Jennifer Burek, Science Enrichment (burekj1@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Monica Hankins, Media Specialist (hankinm@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mr. Aaron Loconsole, GYM (loconsa@dearbornschools.org)

Student Support Staff

  • Mrs. Kristine Bussey, School Psychologist (busseyk@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Raisa Elhaddi, ELD (elhaddr@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Mariam Hamid, ELD (hamidm2@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Iman Hammoud, Special Education Resource (hammoui@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Shelly Klan, Resource (klanr@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Linda Lilly, Occupational Therapy (lillyl@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Wedyan Sleiman, Title I Resource (sleimaw@dearbornschools.org)
  • Ms. Tracy Thompson, Instructional Coach (thompst@dearbornschools.org)
  • Mrs. Holly Valerius, Special Education Resource (valerih@dearbornschools.org)