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Guest Readers for MRM Continues….

Good Morning Miller Families,

In honor of March is Reading month, we wanted to ensure that students were still able to enjoy having a guest reader read to them. We want to continue to strengthen and build that home-school connection by having various guests read their favorite books online. We hope you enjoy each and every story!

The guest reader for today is Ms. Thompson. So find a nice quiet space to listen to reading!

Ms. Thompson reads Precious and the Boo Hag as our guest reader.

Keep checking the blog for more guest readers !

Morning Messages by Miller Students!

Good Morning Miller Families,

We are excited to share that we will be continuing our daily morning messages as we did every day at school which was led by our own Mustang students! Students will lead us every morning with the Pledge of Allegiance, the Miller pledge, daily reminders and soon we will add a different activity to try each day. Please check the Miller blog daily and join our student leaders in starting our day off right.

Please join Maya Elkadri from Ms. Harrison’s second grade class:

Miller student leads our morning messages straight from her living room!

Please tune in tomorrow. Stay safe and healthy and remember to wash your hands!

Image result for remember to wash your hands

Message To Miller Families:

Good Morning Miller Families,

Hopeful all are enjoying the sunshine at home relaxing with family. Understandably the past few days have been extremely stressful for all, I begin by thanking each of you for maintaining a strong sense of composure and community. Dearborn Public Schools and Team Miller will continue to support in every way possible and ensure students maintain the academic progress they have achieved thus far.

Moving Forward:

This is a fluid situation and circumstances continue changing daily, as new information becomes readily available email and phone messaging will be used to keep Miller families informed. All Staff are committed to providing students daily work and feedback via BLOG, please check the BLOG daily and email staff with any questions as they are ready to respond. Teacher BLOGS and emails are found on our school website at:
Students will receive assignments daily whether these are minutes on an educational platform, reading, writing, etc. Teachers will be checking email, provide remote learning opportunities, and provide feedback to parents if a student is not completing the learning tasks on a daily basis. For example, if a teacher assigns i-Ready, Zearn or an assignment in google classroom and a student does not complete, teachers will be contacting parent(s) AND student via Remind, Dojo, email, or phone.

Staff will be using multiple electronic formats to educate students, none of which are new. Students will require internet service and a computer/Chromebook. Comcast is providing deep discounts for families who are not connected to the internet.

More information available at:
If there are any concerns or anything you need please email Mrs. Abdulla and I

A friendly reminder the latest information will always be available at

Thank you for the continued teamwork and supporting one another during these challenging times. Have a great week!


Mr. Radewin Awada – Principal
Mrs. Amal Abdulla – Assistant Principal
Team Miller

مساء الخير  أهالي مدرسة ميلر ،

 أتمنى أن تكونوا جميعا استمتعتم بأشعة الشمس في المنزل والاسترخاء مع العائلة. من الواضح أن الأيام القليلة الماضية كانت مرهقة جدا للجميع . اشكر كل واحد منكم  على اتباع التعليمات و العمل كمجتع واحد. ستواصل مدارس ديربورن العامة وفريق ميلر تقديم الدعم بكل طريقة ممكنة لضمان الحفاظ على تقدم الطلاب الأكاديمي الذي حققوه حتى الآن. 

ماذا بعد؟ 

أولا: نحن حاليا نعيش في وضع تتغير الاحداث فيه بشكل مستمر، و عندما تصبح هنالك معلومات جديدة فاننا سنستخدم رسائل التلفون الصوتيه و البريد الإلكتروني لإبقاء عائلات ميلر على اطلاع باهم المستجدات. 

ثانيا: جميع المدرسين و المدرسات ملتزومون بتزويد الطلاب بمهامهم الدراسية اليومية و الاجابة على استسفارات الطلاب و الطالبات يوميا عن طريق ايميلاتهم و مدوناتهم الموجوده على موقع المدرسة. 

ثالثا: سيتلقى الطلاب مهام دراسية يوميًا سواء كانت مهام تعليمية أو دروس في القراءة أو الكتابة. سيفحص المعلمون بريدهم الإلكتروني بشكل دائم و سيوفرون فرص التعلم عن بعد ، ويقدمون التعليقات لاولياء الامور إذا لم يكمل الطلاب مهامهم التعليمية بشكل يومي. على سبيل المثال، اذا قامت احدى المعلمات بوضع مهمة للطلاب على موقع جوجل كلاسروم, و لم يكمل الطالب او الطالبة هذه المهمة، فان المعلمة ستتواصل مع الاهل عن طريق ريمانيد أو دوجو أو البريد الالكتروني أو الهاتف.

رابعا: سيستخدم الموظفون ادوات إلكترونية متعددة لتعليم الطلاب ، لا شيء منها جديد. سيحتاج الطلاب إلى خدمة إنترنت ، وجهاز كمبيوتر. شركة كومكاست تقوم حاليا بتقدم تخفيظات لمن ليس لديهم خدمة الانترنت. لمعلومات اكثر يمكنكم زيارة الموقع التالي: 

خامسا: اذا كان لديكم اي استفسارات أو مخاوف يمكنكم مراسلة السيدة أمل عبدالله أو مراسلتي شخصيا على الايميلات التالية: 

نذركم أن أحدث المعلومات ستكون متاحة دائمًا على موقع منطقة ديربون التعليمية:


شكرا لكم على العمل الجماعي المستمر ودعم بعضكم البعض خلال هذه الأوقات الصعبة. أتمنى لكم أسبوع جيد. 

السيد رضوان عواضة – مدير مدرسة ميلر

السيدة أمل عبدالله – مديرة مساعدة

فريق ميلر

Free Internet Resource

Good Morning Miller Families,

As we are made aware of available resources and information, we will post and share with the Miller community. Please check our school blog and teachers blogs frequently.

Comcast announced Thursday it will be increasing speeds for the Internet Essentials program, and making the program free to new customers that qualify for two months, amid the coronavirus outbreak. Please take advantage of this opportunity. The link for more information is provided below:

To sign up, applicants can simply visit

Stay safe!

Message From Our District:


All Dearborn Public Schools will be closed for students effective immediately, March 13, 2020. This is a result of Governor Whitmer’s order to close all K-12 school buildings, public, private, and boarding, starting Monday, March 16 until Sunday, April 5.

Dearborn Public Schools spring break will take place from Monday, April 6 through Friday, April 10. Students will return to school on Monday, April 13, 2020.

Students may report on Friday, March 13, 2020 at the normal start time to pick up their belongings and school supplies.

All staff should report on Friday, March 13, 2020 to assist students. Staff will only attend for the morning half of the day followed by a half day release time.

As of Thursday, 3-12-2020 there are no reported or confirmed cases of COVID 19 in the Dearborn Public Schools.

This closure of schools is part of a nationwide effort to slow the spread of the COVID 19 virus. These actions will not eliminate the COVID 19 virus, cure COVID 19, and this will not guarantee that a person will not contract the COVID virus at a later time. Again, these actions are part of a nationwide effort to slow the spread and limit the number of people who will become infected.

Thank you.

2020 Census Family Fun Day

Please join us for the Family Fun Day at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center on March 22nd from noon to 4 p.m. (flyer attached) as well as our Complete Count Committee Meeting held at the Dearborn Administrative Center, Conference Room 1D on March 11th at 1:00 p.m.

We hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please let us know.

Teacher of the Year

Reminder: Today is the last day to Nominate your favorite teacher for the Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Student Choice Awards.  These awards recognize classroom teachers.

Students can go directly to the online nomination form at:

To learn more about this award, please click on the link below:

Thank you!

Election Day Message


With the March 10th primary election just around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to share a few thoughts regarding the safety and security of our schools.  

Changes in the Wayne County common calendar, and our obligation to follow that calendar, have resulted in November elections becoming a Professional Development (PD) day for all school districts and perhaps adding another PD day every four years in March might be part of a future conversation. For now, our district, along with just over half of the other districts in Wayne County, will be open on March 10th just as we were during the 2016 primary election. 

For those schools where voting will occur, there will be a bit of change in the daily routine. Principals and engineers have plans in place that will ensure a minimal amount of disruption but it will require a little patience from all of us.

As for the safety and security of schools, please know that myself and others have been in touch with the City Clerk’s office and Dearborn Police. Our City Clerk is a long time supporter of the Dearborn Public Schools and he too understands the balance between running a smooth election and keeping schools safe.  His office is estimating about 12,000 to 15,000 people voting at about 50 different precincts scattered throughout the city. That works out to an average of 300 people stopping by each voting location (actual numbers will vary by location but some polling locations may have fewer voters due to changes in absentee voting laws that have made the process easier and accessible to a larger number of voters).  As with most elections, the busiest times will occur in the morning between 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. and then again between 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. 

From the beginning to the end of election day, communication and organization is key to keeping everyone safe. I have communicated with principals, engineers, and all other staff members providing them with guidance and suggestions to ensure a secure school environment.  Of course, we have our outstanding Dearborn Police School Resource Officers who, as always, will be in our schools on election day. We have a great partnership with the Dearborn Police and they will once again be making an extra effort on election day to visit schools not just once, but frequently throughout the day in a program they call “Safe and Fair Elections.”

Our schools are part of the neighborhood and fortunately the people coming in to vote are the friends, neighbors, and parents of the students we see everyday. As a school community we need to take pride in the role we have to support a free and fair election process.  At the same time we must balance that with the very real concern for the overall safety of the staff and students in our schools. By all of us doing our part to work together, communicate, remain vigilant, and follow a few simple precautions, our schools will remain safe, not only on election day, but every day. 

Have a great day,

John Leacher

Health, Safety & Security Supervisor

Dearborn Public Schools


Miller Family Game Night

Image result for games

For all students & their families! Come & have some fun on

Thursday, February 13th 4:45-5:45 P.M.

All games will be for sale at the event! (Prices from $3-$25)

First 60 families get a $15 game coupon!

This event is proudly presented by:

Image result for learning gizmos


There is no enrollment process for our new 6th grade class.  Instead, we will be sending out invitations to the top 120 5th grade students in the district and asking them to apply. If your student is in district, but not a DPS student, there will be an application posted on our blog ( mid-February .

We have set a minimum NWEA reading score of 222 and a minimum NWEA math score of 231 as our baseline (winter 2020 5th grade scores).  In addition, students will need to have earned a 3 or a 4 on their 4th grade math and reading M-STEP tests.  However, having these minimum scores does not mean that a student will receive an invitation.  The top 120 students may very well achieve beyond these minimum scores.  Invitations to apply will be mailed home sometime in March.

For a non-DPS student that applies, his/her application will be ranked with the 120 invitations that we send home to DPS students.  If s/he ranks in the top 120, s/he will be emailed an invitation letter and be asked to email his/her interest in attending in the Fall.  If s/he does not rank in the top 120, s/he will not receive a final invitation.  Again, meeting the minimum scores does not guarantee acceptance.

Once the 120 students have responded to their invitations, if we have more than 60 students “accept”, there will be a lottery.

Join the Heart Heroes

Parents –

The American Heart Association visited our school yesterday to kick-off Kids Heart Challenge!  Look for envelopes, and a cool sticker sheet that they can bring to life when they download the Kids Heart Challenge App! 

Your students got to meet Alexa – a true Heart Hero – and were asked to do a few things to make themselves, their family and community healthier. 

What to do next:

Get started today by downloading the free Kids Heart Challenge app or by visiting our page:

  • Register & Take a challenge – Move More!  Be Prepared! Help Others!  Which will you choose?

Conversation Prompt:  What did you learn in today’s assembly?  Which Challenge do you want to take?  Why is it important to make a difference?  How has heart disease and stroke effected our family? 

The IMPACT:  Every $15 dollar gift brings info and cultural health programming to 100 people at high-risk for heart disease and stroke.  And your student receives a wristband, two heart heroes and a jump rope!

Thank you for your support of our PE program, and the AHA!

Mr. Loconsole

Simply wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

Monday: Pizza Sale $1 a slice or $8 a whole pizza

NWEA and i Ready testing will take place during the next two weeks

Friday: Half Day ( January 17th) School dismissed at 11:45 a.m.


Image result for picture retakes

Picture retakes are on Wednesday, December 4th!

Want to retake your pictures?

Simply return your original package on Picture Retake Day.

Go to with your Picture Day ID: LM749205Y1

Parent Survey! We Need You!

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

School is using this Parent Survey as a means to elicit your beliefs and opinions to help target areas for the school system to improve and areas to continue to be effective. The online survey will be available until 11/15/19. In order to complete the survey, please click on this link: Parent Survey Dearborn Schools Fall 2019 or scan the QR code below.

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous and your honest opinions are appreciated. Thank you in advance for supporting our improvement efforts. Thank you to those who have already completed this survey.


Radewin Awada, Principal

أولياء الأمور الكرام ، 

مدرستنا وجميع مدارس ديربورن في عملية تطوير و تحسين مستمرة و دائمة ،يعتبر خلالها الأهل  والأوصياء جزء لا يتجزأ و جوهري لسيرها. نستخدم استطلاع رأي متطور و خاص بالأهالي كوسيلة للاطلاع على آرائهم التي من شأنها المساعدة في استهداف المناطق الفعالة والمؤثرة على سير العملية التطويرية للمدرسة. رأيك مهم بالنسبة لنا،لذا نرجو منكم الاجابة على الاستطلاع  لإتمام هذه الدراسة. يتوفر استطلاع الرأي عبر شبكة الإنترنت. من أجل إكمال الدراسة، يرجى الضغط على الرابط التالي: 

استطلاع رأي الأهالي والمجتمع في مدارس

نؤكد أن مشاركتكم و اجاباتكم حول هذا الاستطلاع سرية ولن يتم معرفة شخصية من قام بالاستطلاع، و أن آرائكم الصادقة هي موضع تقدير. إذا كان لديكم أي أسئلة حول هذا الاستبيان، يرجى الاتصال بمكتب المدرسة. شكرا لكم مقدما على مساندتكم ودعمكم  لعملية تطوير و تحسين المدرسة. سيكون الاستبيان عبر الإنترنت متاحًا حتى 11/15/19

نقدر تعاونكم ودعمكم في إكمال هذا الاستطلاع و لكم جزيل الشكر.

No after school activities

Due to current weather conditions ALL  after school activities will be cancelled for Monday, November 11, 2019. This includes all Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences, the Dearborn High Athletic banquet, and all Adult and Community Education classes.    


ELECTION DAY IS Tuesday, November 5th Please remember to Vote on Tuesday If you can’t make it to the polls on Tuesday, November 5th new laws allow you to vote at the City Clerk’s office before Election Day. 
This Saturday (November 2) any registered voter can stop by the City Clerk’s Office between the hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and vote via absentee ballot. The Clerk’s office is located inside the Dearborn Administrative Center, 16901 Michigan Ave. 
In addition, registered voters will still be able to request absent voter ballots in person until 4 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 4.


Attention Miller parents who also have students at Stout Middle School: Stout will be holding its first Parent Education Meeting on Thursday, October 24th, 2019 from 9:30 a.m to 10:30 a.m. Stout is providing transportation to and from the meeting via district bus. A bus will be available for parents in front of Miller Elementary at approximately 9:10 a.m to take you to Stout. It will take you back at 10:30 a.m. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 9:30 a.m!

Burn Drive




OCTOBER 19 & 20  & OCTOBER 26 & 27 

12:00 NOON – 5:00 PM 






(313) 478-6761



Saturday, September 21 | 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Sponsored by FCA Foundation 

Registration link below or online at 

Join us for free general admission at MiSci, sponsored by FCA Foundation. General admission includes 250+ hands-on exhibits, live stage shows, Spark!Lab from the Smithsonian, Kids Town gallery, STEM Playground space and more. 

In addition, all showings of Global Soundscapes will be free on September 21, courtesy of FCA Foundation. Space is limited and tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis. Through giant screen images, surround sound, and live presentation, Global Soundscapes takes you on an ear-opening journey into the science of sound and the emerging field of soundscape ecology. 

Click link and register:

School Improvement

The School Improvement visits for the 2019-20  If you wish to participate, complete the form and you will receive a call and email with the building location approximately one hour prior to the start of the visit. Due to the nature of the unannounced visits, we understand that you may or may not be able to make it with the same day notification.  We appreciate your contribution and partnership.

Click on the link if you are interested:

SFE “Putting Child Nutrition First”

Dear Parents/Teachers:

I hope everyone had a relaxing summer vacation and is excited to return to school.  We have been working hard over the summer to add some new items to each campus and wanted to share some of the changes with everyone.   We are pleased to announce that SFE (Southwest Foodservice Excellence) became the new food service management partner at Dearborn Schools on July 1, 2019.  As a result of this partnership, we are pleased to announce the following changes:

  • All meat served district-wide will be certified halal.  More information is available on the foodservice website.
  • All meals district-wide will continue to be free.
  • We pledge a focus on fresh-from-scratch cooking and menu variety. 
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable salad bars will be available daily at lunch.  While this will be free for students who purchase a meal, salad bar access also will be available as an a la carte option.  
  • Full nutritional information is posted for all menu items on the Dearborn Schools website.  
  • The Roving Chef program is available.  This fun and interactive culinary program will provide principal-selected students with special instruction in nutrition, proper food safety/cooking techniques and healthy mealpreparation—all while working alongside a real chef.
  • A variety of entrées will be offered daily to appeal to student tastes and preferences, with on-trend culinary concepts that including recipes from a variety of cuisines.
  • A selection of 3 entrée choices will be offered daily for Elementary students, consisting of the menu items listed above. Middle Schools will have 4-6 options and High School students will be offered 6-8 options daily.
  • A dedicated team of professionals including chefs and nutrition coordinators will be in Dearborn daily working with staff and students.

Along the way, we plan to request frequent feedback from our students through regular taste tests and panels.  That’s because we are dedicated to creating custom menus and programs that get every student excited to eat at school, knowing they will find nutritious foods that they love.  Above all, like you, we want to be sure that they are happy, healthy and well-nourished to learn.

We welcome feedback from you as well!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me:


Josh Bain
Sr. General Manager of Nutrition Services

Full nutritional information will be posted for all menu items on the Dearborn Schools website and Nutrislice webpage:

Kindergarten Jump Start

Miller Kindergarten Jump Start  

  • Mandatory ALL kindergarten Students Attend
  • August, 20th & 21st, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., students will be eating breakfast and lunch with their teacher. 
  • Miller kindergarten students will be introduced to their new classroom / school in a stress free environment absent any other students.  Kindergarten students will be the only students in the building and engage in Gym, Art, Music, Science and Media classes in addition to having breakfast and lunch with their teacher.  They will interact with other students and begin building relationships with Miller Staff.
  • Kindergarten Parents drop off and pick up students in the classroom.

Welcome Back Letter

August 13, 2019

Greetings Miller Community,                                                                  

Hoping Miller Families and loved ones are well, in good health and enjoying the remaining days of summer, nothing more rewarding than spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones.  The Miller Community looks forward to another exciting school year and extends a warm welcome to our new and returning families.  Our strength as a school community remains strong and continues to thrive and flourish one child at a time because of teamwork; we look forward to strengthening our parent partnerships ensuring every child meets their full academic, social and emotional potential.

Education and safety remain priorities at Miller Elementary, established processes and procedures preserve the safety of all members of our community.  To promote a safe and productive learning environment all members will be held to a high standard and expected to follow established processes governing our professional learning community.

At no time in the history of Public Education have stakes been higher for our children’s future success.  Parent’s active engagement at school and home is absolutely necessary for establishing the building blocks and foundations for learning.  Attached are: copies of 2019-2020 school calendar, Traffic Map and Open House Conference Schedule, please review and save for future reference.  As we begin another amazing school year, the excellent, proud and humble Educators at Miller Elementary look forward to partnering with parents and maximizing students’ educational experiences as we begin a wonderful and amazing school year.     

Miller Kindergarten Jump Start  

  • Mandatory ALL kindergarten Students Attend
  • August, 20th & 21st, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., students will be eating breakfast and lunch with their teacher. 
  • Miller kindergarten students will be introduced to their new classroom / school in a stress free environment absent any other students.  Kindergarten students will be the only students in the building and engage in Gym, Art, Music, Science and Media classes in addition to having breakfast and lunch with their teacher.  They will interact with other students and begin building relationships with Miller Staff.
  • Kindergarten Parents drop off and pick up students in the classroom.

Monday August 26th, 2019 – First Day All Students (1/2 Day)

  • Classroom assignments posted on the front of the building Friday, August 23, 2019.
  • Supply List by Grade level posted on school Blog,  
  • School begins 8:35 a.m. and will be dismissed 11:45 a.m. (1/2 Day). 
  • Students should plan on arriving 10 minutes early to verify classroom assignments.
  • All 1st – 5th Grade students will meet their teachers in the Gym/Cafeteria at their assigned area (yellow sign). Kindergarten students are to be escorted to the classroom by their Parent. Kindergarten hallway is located to the left upon entering through the main entrance; Miller Staff will be assisting parents in finding assigned classroom teacher.
  • Kindergarten Parents please plan on staying for a 30 – 60 minute informational meeting when you drop off your child. 

Kindergarten Soft Start Tuesday – Thursday, August 27th – 29th

Kindergarten Soft Start : ONLY kindergarten students have ½ day Monday – Thursday August 26th – 29th, parents are required to drop off and pick up kindergarten students at 11:45 a.m. daily.  First FULL DAY for kindergarten students is Tuesday September 3rd, 2019.

There will be no busing for kindergarten students during the first week of school, busing for kindergarten students will begin Tuesday September 3rd, 2019.

Busing will be provided for eligible 1st – 5th Grade students on the first day of school beginning August 26th, 2019, NO BUSING for kindergarten students until September 3rd, 2019.      


  • Consistent and timely attendance to school is critical and enhances your child’s educational experience while vastly improving their chances of success.  Avoid removing students from the classroom during the school day.  Avoid making doctor and dental appointments during the school day.  Sign student in/out in the Office prior to exiting the building and when students arrive late.  
  • First warning bell rings at 8:32 a.m.; teachers will escort students to class and instruction begins at 8:35 a.m.  Children entering school after 8:45 a.m. must be accompanied by a parent and sign-in at the main office.  Students will not be allowed to enter class without a parent signature. 
  • If your child is unable to attend school please contact the school office at:

 (313) 827 – 6850.  When calling, parents should give the following information: student and teacher name, grade, reason for and length of absence. 

  • If a child must leave school early or arrive late parents are required to sign students in and out in the school office. 
  • If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to check with teachers for missed work.  If a student will be absent for more than two days please contact the teacher to make arrangements for homework to be picked up from the office.  Homework will be ready for pick up the following school day by 3p.m. Weekly lesson plans and daily homework are posted on the teacher blog/parent connect. 

Health Matters

  • Elementary age children require a minimum of ten hours of sleep per day; it’s a good idea to begin sending the little ones to bed a little earlier this week so they may acclimate to earlier bedtimes.
  • Students require a healthy fortified breakfast before coming to school each and every day.  Breakfast at school is served between 8 -8:25 a.m.  Students eating breakfast at school should not arrive before 8 a.m., Cafeteria breakfast is not served after 8:25 AM.
  • Review the importance of regularly washing their hands using soap and water throughout the school day i.e. before and after lunch and during bathroom breaks.
  • If children are ill please keep them home.
  • Children requiring medication throughout the school day are required to have completed a Medical Authorization Form on file in the office.  At no time are children allowed to carry, self-administer or dispense medication during the school day.
  • Students need to bathe regularly and clothes washed daily.

Dress Code

  • Students must dress appropriately in a manner that is not distracting or disruptive to the learning process and weather suitable. 
  • Skirts, shorts, and skorts must come to the tip of the longest finger in a natural stance. 
  • Writing is not permitted across the seat of a student’s garment.  Mutilated clothing (cut, torn, written on etc.) safety pins as decorations, chains, writing on clothing or skin is not permitted. 
  • No outerwear (jackets, coats, hats, bandanas, etc) may be worn in classes; however, some hats or scarves required for religious reasons are permitted.  No jerseys may be worn unless accompanied by a t-shirt underneath it.  No tank tops or sleeveless shirts with the exception of gym class.  No spandex or tight fitting clothes.  No fishnet or transparent clothing is permitted. 
  • No undergarment (bras, underwear, boxer shorts, etc.) should be showing, nor should pajamas be worn to school.
  • Clothing, jewelry, symbols, or other things denoting gang membership are not permitted.  Clothing displaying offensive or inappropriate pictures or writing, which includes but is not limited to topics of sex, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, is not permitted.   
  • Flip-flops, slippers or any other shoe wear that does not have a back strap are not permitted.  In order to prevent serious injury socks or pantyhose must be worn at all times.
  • Makeup is not permitted. 

We appreciate your full cooperation with these set standards.  Failure to comply with Dearborn Public Schools Dress Policy will result in parents being called and/or student being sent home.


Great news, Cotter pre-school has changed their start time and will begin at 8 a.m.  This will significantly reduce traffic congestion during drop-off and dismissal.  Following established traffic patterns, working together and placing citizen safety first ensures we all remain safe.  A map of traffic flow is attached, please review and follow carefully throughout the year so we may preserve the safety and timeliness of all citizens. 

  • No Parking in the Bus Drop Off Zone – (South of the Miller Sign)
  • Allow adequate travel time and observe the posted speed limit, SLOW DOWN!
  • Do not park and/or leave your car unattended in the drop off zone. 
  • Do not make U-TURNS in the middle of the street it is illegal and dangerous.
  • Make arrangements with your child to pick them up in the same place every day.
  • Encourage your child use the crosswalk when crossing the street.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the street to drop off your child. 
  • Please pull all the way over to the right when dropping off your child.

Summary Important Dates

  • August 20 & 21st, 2019 – All Kindergarten Students, “Jump Start” 9 a.m.  – 12 p.m.
  • Monday – 08-26-2019: 1st Day of School – ½ day All Students, 11:45 a.m. dismissal
  • Tuesday – 08- 27 thru 8-29-2019 Full Day for 1st – 5th Grades dismissal 3:35 p.m., kindergarten dismissal 11:45 a.m., NO Busing for kindergarten students until Tuesday September 3rd, 2019.
  • NO SCHOOL Friday and Monday 08-31 and 9-02-2019, school resumes Tuesday 09- 03-2019, Full Day ALL students.
  • 09-12-2019 Open House, 6 – 7:30 p.m.
  • 09- 20-2019 Half Day, students dismissed at 11:45 a.m. 
  • 09-25-2019 – Late Start school start time delayed until 9:35 a.m.

Miller’s Professional Learning Community looks forward to providing your child with the finest educational experience.  Thank you for the continued support and commitment to our partnership.  Please take time to review the following policies and information with your child. Questions please call the office, looking forward to seeing you soon.

Radewin Awada, Principal


The Dearborn Public Schools provide all school supplies and learning materials required for all students in all programs. 
Parents often request a list of school supplies for their child and although these supplies are NOT required, teachers and principals greatly appreciate the support these additional supplies provide to the classroom.
Thank you.


2 boxes of Kleenex

2 hand sanitizers-large size

1 box of Gallon size Ziplock bags

1 box of Quart size Ziplock bags

1 container of Clorox wipes

1 pack of baby wipes


First Grade

 4 wide ruled, non perforated spiral notebooks   

2 composition notebooks (black and white)

1 large box of pencils (12 or more pencils)

1 box of crayons (24 pack)

6 glue sticks

2 large pencil erasers

2 packages of 4 Expo dry erase markers

1 box of Ziploc gallon or quart storage bags

1 pencil box for desk

1 flat folder

1 backpack

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 hand sanitizer

2nd Grade

1 box of 24 count crayons

1 box of assorted colored pencils

1 plastic pencil box

2 large erasers

1 pair of child’s scissors

2 boxes of #2 pencils

3 boxes of Kleenex

1 package of thick black dry erase EXPO markers

1 box gallon sized plastic ziploc bags

1 box of sandwich sized ziploc bags

4 wide-ruled composition notebooks

2 package of glue sticks

1 highlighter

1 8 oz hand sanitizer

1 Clorox wipes

1 ream of white copy paper



4 ( 1 subject notebook) red, blue, green, yellow

2 (2-pocket folders)

1 pack of 24 count crayons

1 crayon box

Pack of EXPO dry erase markers

Small sharpener

2 Black and White Composition Notebooks

24 pack of pencils

2 glue Sticks

Loose Leaf paper

2 tissue boxes

Large Hand Sanitizer bottle

Yellow Highlighter

Gallon size Ziplock bags

Clorox Wipes

1 clean sock to use as an eraser for dry erase markers

Fourth Grade 

– 2 highlighters

– 2 red pens

– 5 – 70 page notebooks

– 4 folders

– pencil box or bag

– crayons

– 4 glue sticks

– scissors (small)

 – Post it notes

– 2 lined composition books

– glue bottle

– pencil erasers

-blue or black pens


-5- dry erase markers

 – pencils

Classroom Donations

– box of quart size plastic zipper bags

– cleaning wipes 

– 3 boxes of tissues

– ream (package) computer paper

– 2 packages of notebook paper


5th Grade

8 notebooks

6 two pocket folders

2 packs loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

12 #2 pencils

3 highlighters

1 pencil sharpener

4 glue sticks


1 box of crayons

1 box of markers

1 box of colored pencils

1 pack of dry erase markers (EXPO markers or other brand)

1 large pink eraser

1 ream plain white printer paper

Ziplock bags (1 box quart size; 1 box gallon size)

1 pencil box

1 pack of sticky notes (Post Its or other brand)

2 small bottles of pump hand sanitizer

1 container of disinfectant wipes

3 boxes of kleenex tissues

Dates To Remember

No school: June 3, 4 & 5

Boat Trip 3rd -5th grades: June 6

Author Artist John Agee visits K-2: June 6

Field Day: June 7

Mobile Dentist: June 10-12

5th Grade Ceremony: June 12 at 1:00

Last day of school ½ day 11:45 dismissal: June 14


MAY 15 LATE START MAY 24-27                  NO SCHOOL                                                                                … Read more

W. O .W.
M O N D A Y , A P R I L 1 5 T H & A P R I L 2 9 T H , 2 0 1 9
4 8 2 4 L O I S ,
D EA R B O R N , M I 4 8 1 2 6
2 – 3 : 30PM
N U T R I T I O N I N F O R M A T I O N & F R E E R E S O U R C E S
Y O U M U S T R E G I S T E R O N L I N E T O A T T E N D !
R E G I S T E R A T :
W W W . C I T Y O F D E A R B O R N . O R G / W O W
( 3 1 3 ) 8 4 6 – 8 4 8 0 E X T . 1 0 4 O R E M A I L
M A R C I @ L A H C . O R G

Click below for Arabic:

April W.O.W.- Arabic Miller Elem

Impact Award

Dearborn Public Schools is taking nominations for our Impact Awards until April 18.  These awards recognize some of our non-teaching staff members who provide extraordinary service to our school community.  (Classroom teachers are recognized with the annual Alberta Muirhead Awards from the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce.)
Impact Award nominations can be submitted online. 
See the press release for more details.
See attached Flyer






Please join us this Thursday, March 28, 2019 in the school cafeteria from 4:30 – 5:30.

We are asking for a $1.00 donation per person for the

Children of Yemen Fundraiser.  We hope to see you all there!


يرجى الانضمام إلينا هذا الخميس 28 مارس 2019 في كافيتيريا المدرسة من الساعة 4:30 حتى 5:30. نحن نطلب تبرع 1.00 دولار للشخص الواحد لجمعية أطفال اليمن. نأمل أن نراكم جميعا!



Greetings 4th/5th Grade Miller Families,


Miller is excited to welcome you and your family to our Spring Music Concert. This is an event where students are able to share what they’ve been learning with you. This year there will be two concerts for 4th and 5th grade, both happening on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 10th. You can find the time for your students class below:

  • 1:30pm Concert: 4th Grade Beydoun and Traicoff. 5th Grade Duering and Moukalled
  • 2:30pm Concert: 4th Grade Alsabahi and Prebenda. 5th Grade Hammoud and Zastrow

Students have been asked to wear their Miller shirts (light or dark blue) and black bottoms. This can mean black jeans, dress pants, long skirts, or knee-length skirts with black tights or leggings. This is an effort to look uniform because there will be a video made, which will be available on a district Youtube channel, shared through music blogs afterwards.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Doan at or Mr. Keramaris at We sincerely hope you can attend.


Musically yours,

Miss Doan and Mr. Keramaris



Greetings 2nd/3rd Grade Miller Families,

Miller is excited to welcome you and your family to our Spring Music Concert. This is an event where students are able to share what they’ve been learning with you. This year there will be two concerts for 2nd and 3rd grade, both happening on the afternoon of Thursday, April 11th. You can find the time for your students class below:

  • 1:30pm Concert: 2nd Grade Bridgeman and Lashchuk. 3rd Grade Burgess, Kazan, and Whalen
  • 2:30pm Concert: 2nd Grade Hammoud, Harrison, and Mikho. 3rd Grade Elkadri, Oldani, and Taleb

Students have been asked to wear their Miller shirts (light or dark blue) and black bottoms. This can mean black jeans, dress pants, long skirts, or knee-length skirts with black tights or leggings. This is an effort to look uniform because there will be a video made, which will be available on a district Youtube channel, shared through music blogs afterwards.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Doan at or Mr. Keramaris at We sincerely hope you can attend.

Musically yours,

Miss Doan and Mr. Keramaris


يسر ابتدائية ميلر بأن ترحب بكم وبأبنائكم في حفل الربيع الموسيقي لهذا العام. تمنح هذه الاحتفالية الطلاب الفرصة لمشاركة ما تعلموه خلال العام معكم. سنقوم هذا العام بتقديم حفلتين للصف الثاني و الثالث  كلاهما في بعد ظهر يوم الخميس 11 نيسان 2019. في ما يلي أوقات صفوف أبنائكم:


-حفلة الساعة 1:30 ظ: صفوف الثاني بريدجمان و لاشوك. صفوف الثالث بورغيس وكازان و ويلين.

-حفلة الساعة 2:30 ظ: صفوف الثاني حمود و هاريسون و ميكو. صفوف الثالث  القادري ، اولداني ، وطالب.


نطلب من الطلاب ارتداء قمصان ميلر (أزرق فاتح أو أزرق داكن) و الجينز الأسود أو سروال رسمي أو التنورات الطويلة أو التنانير بطول الركبة مع الجوارب السوداء نحاول من خلال توحيد الزي  الحصول على مظهر رسمي لأنه سوف يتم تسجيل الحفل و نشره على قناة اليوتيوب الخاصة بالقطاع التعليمي و من خلال مدونات الموسيقى بعد ذلك.

إذا كانت لديك أية أسئلة ، يرجى الاتصال بـ الأنسة دون على البريد الألكتروني التالي    أو السيد كيراماريس على البريد الإلكتروني  . نتمنى حضوركم.


شكراً جزيلاً

الأنسة دون و السيد كيراماريس



Greetings Kindergarten/1st Grade Miller Families,

Miller is excited to welcome you and your family to our Spring Music Concert. This is an event where students are able to share what they’ve been learning with you. This year there will be two concerts for Kindergarten and 1st grade, both happening on the afternoon of Friday, April 12th. You can find the time for your students class below:

  • 1:30pm Concert: Kindergarten Baskin and Drabczyk. 1st Grade Hauck and Musleh
  • 2:30pm Concert: Kindergarten Jordan, Mills, and Mroue. 1st Grade Donelson, Makim, and Wall

Students have been asked to wear their Miller shirts (light or dark blue) and black bottoms. This can mean black jeans, dress pants, long skirts, or knee-length skirts with black tights or leggings. This is an effort to look uniform because there will be a video made, which will be available on a district Youtube channel, shared through music blogs afterwards.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Doan at or Mr. Keramaris at We sincerely hope you can attend.

Musically yours,

Miss Doan and Mr. Keramaris


يسر ابتدائية ميلر بأن ترحب بكم وبأبنائكم في حفل الربيع الموسيقي لهذا العام. تمنح هذه الاحتفالية الطلاب الفرصة لمشاركة ما تعلموه خلال العام معكم. سنقوم هذا العام بتقديم حفلتين لصفي الأول و الروضة  كلاهما في بعد ظهر يوم الجمعة 12 نيسان 2019. في ما يلي أوقات صفوف أبنائكم:


  • حفلة الساعة 1:30 ظ: صفوف الروضة باسكن ودرابزيك.صفوف الاول هاك و مصلح.
  • حفلة الساعة 2:30 ظ: صفوف الروضة جوردن و مايلز و مروة . صفوف الاول دانلسون و ماكي و وال.


نطلب من الطلاب ارتداء قمصان ميلر (أزرق فاتح أو أزرق داكن) و الجينز الأسود أو سروال رسمي أو التنورات الطويلة أو التنانير بطول الركبة مع الجوارب السوداء نحاول من خلال توحيد الزي  الحصول على مظهر رسمي لأنه سوف يتم تسجيل الحفل و نشره على قناة اليوتيوب الخاصة بالقطاع التعليمي و من خلال مدونات الموسيقى بعد ذلك.

إذا كانت لديك أية أسئلة ، يرجى الاتصال بـ الأنسة دون على البريد الألكتروني التالي:  أو السيد كيراماريس على البريد الإلكتروني . نتمنى حضوركم.


شكراً جزيلاً

الأنسة دون و السيد كيراماريس

Message From Your Principal:

March 19, 2019

Dear Miller Parents,


This morning a student walking to the bus stop misinterpreted a driver’s hand signal as a Stranger-Danger incident.  The student ran to a neighbor’s house and alerted them of the encounter, the helpful neighbor welcomed her in and school administration was contacted.  Dearborn Police were called to investigate and after reviewing camera footage, police determined there was no credible threat to the student.  Thankfully this was not a Stranger- Danger incident; instead it is a great teachable moment and opportunity to review safety and Stranger – Danger with your child.  The student running to a neighbor’s house, notifying the School Office and taking precautionary measures were the RIGHT choices to make! 


Spring is a great time to change batteries in the smoke detectors and even a better time to discuss Stranger-Danger with our children.  Remind children to report anything suspicious or out of the ordinary and to always error on the side of caution.  Looking out for one another and being kind neighbors are important to building a strong community. The Dearborn Police Department is committed to ensuring safe, healthy and nurturing neighborhoods; safeguarding children and building strong relationships with citizens remains the priority!  Help build a stronger community and keep our children safe by discussing good safety habits to adopt while playing throughout the neighborhood.


Here are a few helpful reminders:

  • Never talk to a stranger.
  • Never get into a car with a stranger, even if they tell you they are looking for a lost pet or someone you know is hurt and they will take you to them.
  • Children should walk to and from school with other children.
  • Always report suspicious characters to parents, teachers and the police.
  • If approached by a stranger, tell an adult.


Keeping a watchful eye and being a good neighbor makes our community a great place.  Checking in and maintaining an open line of communication with your children, neighbors, schools and police department ensures WE are prepared for life’s challenges. 


Have a safe and wonderful start to Spring-2019! 




Radewin Awada


Miller Elementary



١٩  آذار ٢٠١٩


أهالي طلاب إبتدائية ميلر الكرام،


لقد تعلمنا هذا الصباح درساً في السلامة عندما قامت إحدى الطالبات التي كان يسير باتجاه  الحافلة بتفسير إشارة أحد السائقين على أنها تهديد بالخطر من شخص غريب . هربت الطالبة المعنية إلى منزل أحد الجيران و نبهتهم إلى الخطر الذي شعرت به ، ورحب الجيران بها  وتم الاتصال بإدارة المدرس و تم استدعاء شرطة ديربورن للتحقيق في الأمر.وبعد مراجعة لقطات الكاميرا تم تقرير أنه لم يكن هناك تهديد للطالبة ، و الحقيقية هي أن شخص بالغ قد أشار للطالبة بالسيرو المرور قبل أن يقوموا بالانعطاف إلى الممر. لحسن الحظ ، لم يكن هذا حادثًا ينذر بالتهديد بالخطر من قبل شخص غريب ، لكن استجابة الطالبة  الوقائية في تنبيه الجوار وإخطار مكتب المدرسة كانت الخطوات الصحيحة التي يجب اتخاذها!


فصل الربيع هو وقت رائع لتغيير مدخرات كاشف الحريق و لكنه وقت أمثل للتحدث مع الأطفال حول خطر الغرباء عليهم. ذكّروا الأطفال بالإبلاغ عن أي شيء مشبوه أو خارج عن المألوف و أخذ الحيطة و الإبلاغ عن إي خطأ يرونه أو يشعرون به و إن كان من باب الحذر. الاعتناء ببعضنا البعض والجيرة الجيدة أمر مهم لبناء مجتمع قوي. تلتزم إدارة شرطة ديربورن بضمان أمان و سلامة و ورعاية الأحياء المجاورة أثناء بناء جسور التواصل مع المواطنين و تبقى حماية أطفالنا على رأس أولوياتهم ! ساعدوا على بناء مجتمع أقوى والحفاظ على أمان أطفالنا من خلال مناقشة عادات السلامة الجيدة التي قد يمارسها الأطفال أثناء اللعب في أنحاء الحي.


إليكم بعض التذكيرات / الاقتراحات المفيدة:


  • لا تتحدثوا إلى الغرباء ابداً.
  • لا تستقلوا  السيارة مع شخص غريب ، حتى لو أخبركم أنه/ أنها يبحثون عن حيوان أليف مفقود أو أن شخصًا تعرفونه مصابًا و سوف يأخذكم إليه.
  • السير من و إلى المدرسة مع أطفال أخريين.
  • دائماً ابلغوا عن أي شخصية مريبة أو مثيرة للشك للأهل و المعلمين و أفراد الشرطة.
  • إذا اقترب منكم أحد الغرباء أو حدثكم أخبروا شخصاً بالغاً على الفور.


المراقبة المستمرة و التعاون و إظهار علاقة جيرة جيدة و طيبة تساعدنا في الحفاظ على مجتمعاتنا آمنة. التحقق من سلامة الأطفال و التواصل المستمر معهم و مع المدارس وقسم الشرطة يضمن أننا على استعداد لمواجهة تحديات الحياة.


شكراً لكم مع كل التقدير


السيد رضوان عواضة


Healthy Tip For Tuesday!

Hello again! My name is  Dania Alsaidi, 5th grade student from the Ecology Club.  Here is the healthy tip of the day!

Dairy contains nutrients that help build strong muscles, bones and teeth. Milk, yogurt and cheese are the three main types of dairy and provide calcium to keep our bodies strong. It is important to include a healthy amount of dairy in your daily meals. Did you know that low-fat chocolate milk is a perfect drink to enjoy after physical activity? Think of different types of dairy you eat every day. What are some of your favorites?

Various fresh dairy products on wooden background

Tune in tomorrow for an update on our contest and another healthy tip!

Dearborn Shines Contest (Student Post)

                         Healthy Dearborn logo

Hi, my name is Dania Alsaidi from Mr.Duering 5th grade class.

I wanted to share some exciting information with you about our Dearborn Shines Project. In anticipation of the upcoming planting season we are asking for students input to determine the vegetable and herbs to purchase and plant in our garden.

To make this a memorable time we have some fun voting and contest activities. This will  provide you with essential background information so that students can cast an informed vote.  We have also given everyone a contest packet for students to work on. From these submissions, your class will be entered in a school-wide contest to claim the spot of planting your schools pollinator garden bed!

Stay tuned for updates throughout the week and some exciting healthy tips we will be sharing.  

Hi, my name is Reem Saleh and I am a student in Mrs. Traicoff’s 4th grade class. 

Here is Monday’s Healthy Tip: 

It is important to fill HALF of your plate with fruits and vegetables every day.  Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and provide our body with the super power to fight off illness.  For example, we know red fruits and vegetables are full lycopene which can help prevent certain types of cancer.  Our school garden will soon be full of colorful fruits and vegetables. Think of some of your favorite fruits and vegetables and different ways you might eat them. 

Important Dates

Monday, February 25

Pizza Sale $1 a slice

Tuesday, February 26th

2:00-3:30 Second Community Forum 

Parents are encouraged to come! 

Thursday, February 28th

3:45-5:45 Family Math Night

Community Forum

Greetings Miller Families,

As a community we’ve had wonderful success in establishing safe and consistent traffic guidelines and expectations for the Miller Community.  


Thank you for the continued commitment to student safety and support with traffic initiatives. 

Over the past two years the Miller PTA and Administration have teamed up to pursue a $200,000 Safe Routes to School Grant, which will further improve traffic flow and establish safe walking and biking paths for Miller students.   

We are entering a critical stage in the grant process and we need your support.  A Community Forum will be held in the Miller Cafeteria on Tuesday February 26, 2019 from 2 – 3:30 p.m.  Community attendance, feedback and active participation at this meeting is critical to successfully securing the Safe Routes to School Grant. Thank you in advance for taking the time to be part of the positive change we seek for our children and community.  We look forward to seeing you Tuesday February 26, 2019 at 2 p.m.



Radewin Awada – Principal

Miller Elementary


تحية لكم أهالي مدرسة ميلر،

لقد حققنا سوياً نجاحًا رائعًا في وضع إرشادات وتوقعات بشأن حركة المرور حول المدرسة. أشكركم على تفانيكم في الحرص على سلامة الطلاب واقدر لكم الدعم المتواصل ونحن على مقربة من فصل الربيع.

على مدى العامين الماضيين، لقد قمت بالتعاون مع فريق جمعية الأهالي من أجل محاولة تأمين منحة بمقدار مائتين ألف دولار بغرض إنشاء مسارات آمنة في جميع الطرقات القريبة من المدرسة. هذا البرنامج سيعمل على تحسين تدفق حركة المرور وإنشاء مسارات آمنة للمشي وركوب الدراجات للطلاب من و إلى المدرسة. نحن الآن ندخل في مرحلة حرجة في عملية طلب هذه المنحة و أنا بحاجة إلى دعمكم.

سوف يعقد منتدى في كافتيريا المدرسة يوم الثلاثاء 26 فبراير 2019 من الساعة 2 إلى 3:30 مساء. أرجو التفضل بحضوركم و سأوف أكون ممنون لتفاعلكم و مشاركتكم بأي آراء أو مقترحات. إن حضوركم ومشاركتكم الفاعلة في هذا الاجتماع سيكون أمر في بالغ الأهمية لضمان الحصول على المنحة بنجاح.

تقبلوا تحياتي

السيد/ عواضة، مدير مدرسة ميلر

Community forum Flyer (1)

bus clip art


Parent Talk With Margaret King Ahmed

Increase achievement and decrease discipline issues with effective Parent Talk. Learn communication skills that empower, encourage self-responsible behaviors, self-motivation and character development. Learn practical skills to positively effect the social and emotional development of your children and family. Certificate of completion is awarded to participants who complete the program.

Sessions are Wednesday’s 8:45-10:15 A.M. in Media Center

                                 February 13, 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27. April 10.                                 

             Graduation: April 17, 2019         





Tuesday, February 5th:

Gleaners Food at 11:00 A.M. (first 

Wednesday, February 6th:

Late Start; School begins at 9:35 A.M.

Friday, February 8th:





Kids Heart Challenge

Last year, we participated in Jump Rope For Heart and this year we’re kicking off Kids Heart Challenge!  We’re excited to continue JUMPING ROPE to help those with special hearts! 


Our school is proud to partner with the American Heart Association again this year!

Click link below to donate:

Jump Rope for heart  2018 – 2019




AFTER SCHOOL Cancellations

Due to extremely cold temperatures and wind chills, all after school activities for Tuesday, January 29, 2019 are cancelled.  This includes ACCESS, Craft Club, and Arabic School.  Adult and Community Education classes will also be closed this evening (1/29/19).

The District will make an announcement later today regarding the status of school on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.



Spirit Week at Miller!

Monday: Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday: Hat Day wear your favorite hat!

Wednesday: Sports Day – wear your favorite jersey

Thursday: Holiday Spirit – wear Red & Green Day

Friday: Pajama Day – wear your favorite pajamas

PTA will be charging $1.00 per day to participate. Please turn money in to your teachers. Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts for the Children of Yemen!



*PTA pizza sale after school




*Late Start-School begins at 9:35 a.m.




* Arabic School Registration 12-5 in the lobby

*No SCHOOL FOR Kindergartners ONLY

*PTA Meeting 9 a.m. in the Cafeteria 

Happenings At Miller!

Miller Mustangs In Action 

Canned Food Drive At Miller

With the support of our Miller families, we were able to collect 2,460 cans! Way to go Mustangs! Ms. Alsabahi’s Class collected the most cans at 340.  Ms. Harrison’s Class was a close second with 260 cans. Thank you to ALL of our Miller families for donating towards a worthy cause. 

Mr. Awada and the students boxing cans!

Students working together to pack the cans into boxes.

5th grade girls are happy to help.

Mustangs are always ready to capture a great moment.

2,460 cans collected!

Corporal Morse and Warf Visit Miller Students 

Corporal Morse discusses substance abuse with the students 

Corporal Morse shares specific examples of substance abuse cases

THANK YOU Corporal Morse and his Police Dog Warf!  

27th Annual Empty Bowls Dinner with Mrs. Saad 

Mrs. Abdulla, Mrs. Saad, and our creative artists at the Empty Bowls Dinner

Mr. Awada, Mrs. Saad, Mrs. Kazan, and Mrs. Allie-Bazzi are taking home some creative bowls made by Miller students

Raffles are always fun especially when you win!

Mrs. Saad showcasing the amazing bowls made by Miller students

ACCESS Presentation on Healthy Living

ACCESS presents to students on Healthy Living


This Week At Miller!

Welcome back!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. 

This week at Miller:

Monday:  Pizza sale after school 

Tuesday: Gleaners Food Bank at 11 a.m

Wednesday: Roller Skating Family Field Trip from 6 – 8 p.m. Bus leaves Miller at 5:30 p.m.

Thursday: Safe Routes to schools (SRTS) Grant Community Forum will take place at 2 p.m. in the cafeteria

Friday: Third grade DIA field trip with Mrs. Saad

Simply wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


Branding Campaign: TAKE THE SURVEY 

The Downtown Dearborn Development authorities and the City of Dearborn have launched the beginning of a Branding Campaign, which starts with a survey.

The survey is open to anyone, even if you don’t live in Dearborn, so definitely all staff, teachers, parents, and community ed. students are all welcome to take part. The survey is electronic and is available in English and Arabic.

Here is the link to the Branding Website-

Simply click on the We Need Your Input graphic located in the middle of the page.

Everyone who takes the survey can also have the chance to win prizes. Deadline for the survey is November 25, 2018



*PTA pizza sale after school


*No School

Don’t Forget to Vote!


*Field Trip-3rd Grade-Lincoln Park Skating Center

*Canned food drive begins



*Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-7


*PTA Meeting 9 a.m. in the Cafeteria 


Fall Fun At Miller!

Pumpkin Patch, Animal Farm, Magic Show, BOO Bash and MORE!!! Miller students experienced a day filled with exciting interactive activities to celebrate the core values and the positive behavior of Miller students.  Students were able to observe many fascinating animals including alpacas, a donkey, sheep, goats, ducks, bunnies and more!

Students petting a duck

Students petting a cow

Omar interacting with the animals

Students asking questions about the bunny

A day filled with smiles:)


Students picked out their own pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch 

Ms. Prebenda fit right into our Pumpkin Patch!

Magic Show fun

Boo Bash candy in a haystack

Halloween arts and crafts

Mrs. Zastrow and her wonderful family

Students in their costumes waiting to make spooky slime

Hadi Salha and his mom preparing slime

Miller staff and students at Boo Bash

Mr. Awada and his son Hassan