Miller Elementary

Millage Renewal is not an Increase

Today’s Millage Message is to once again let everyone know that the Operational Millage Renewal is NOT AN INCREASE.  

In fact, the cap on this tax is dropping from 6.17 mills to 4 mills. That’s a 2.17 mill DECREASE in the cap amount. 

That means that up to this point the District could assess up to 6.17 mills but if the millage is renewed the District can only assess up to 4 mills. That is a decrease in the cap amount.  

How much is the District currently assessing?  2.05 mills.  

The amount that the District can assess is based on a State formula and not determined by the District. It is tied to enrollment and the overall property value in the District.  If State funding were to continue to increase the homeowner part of this millage could drop to 0.  

The larger funding source for the Operational Millage Renewal is the 18 mills that are assessed on businesses. This too is not an increase, only a renewal of what has been paid by businesses since 1994 when the State changed how schools are funded. This is not unique to Dearborn as all school districts in the state have this 18 mill tax on business. If this is not renewed the amount of funding the District receives from the State would decrease and Dearborn would become one of the lowest funded districts in the State. 

If anyone tells you that the Operating Millage Renewal is an increase they are not sharing accurate information or do not understand how this millage renewal works.  Please refer them to https://dearbornschools.org/operating-millage-renewal/  for accurate information.

Have a wonderful day and please make sure to vote now or vote on February 27th.