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Press Release #53/2018-19


Contact:  David Mustonen, Communications Director

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Parents can preview possible curriculum changes

Dearborn Public Schools is offering a chance for parents and community members to explore two new curriculum resources the District is recommending for next year – one for elementary English Language Arts and the other for some high school math. Both curriculums provide extensive digital resources that are available for school and home use.

Interested parents can view some of the materials online and then learn more about the resources during online meetings on Monday for the elementary program and Tuesday for the math program.

Both curriculum resources have gone through extensive evaluation by Dearborn teachers and have been recommended by the District’s curriculum committee. This is part of the District’s regular process to update and implement new curriculum.  Please note, these changes have not yet been approved by the Board of Education.

Elementary Reading and Writing 

Elementary parents are invited to learn more about the Benchmark Advance English Language Arts program that the District is considering for all the kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms.

Benchmark Advance © 2021 is a standards-based, core English Language Arts program. Language arts includes reading and writing and also impacts text-based resources for science and social studies.  The Benchmark program provides lessons and practice in all areas of reading including phonological awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Writing is also included.

Parents are invited to attend a Zoom meeting with Benchmark representatives for more information and a Q & A session on Monday, June 1 from 5 to 6 p.m.  Please email communications@dearbornschools.org for information on logging into the Zoom meeting and to get login information to view a sample of the digital curriculum material.

Parents and Students:

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