Miller Elementary


Dear Parents,

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, residents of Dearborn and the Fairlane district of Dearborn Heights will join together to vote on a millage renewal proposal for Henry Ford College (HFC).

Here are some important facts about HFC and the millage renewal proposal:

  • Instead of paying taxes to another community college district, and recognizing the importance of local governance and local control of taxes, Dearborn Public School district residents decided to establish their own college. Henry Ford College is Dearborn’s college, serving the residents of Dearborn and its surrounding communities for 80 years.

  • According to the City of Dearborn’s Assessor’s Office, the average taxable value of homes in Dearborn is approximately $54,000. Based on this 2018 information, a one mill renewal will cost the average homeowner $54 per year, or $4.50 per month, the same amount they are currently paying.  When the voters approved this mill in 2013, the average homeowner payment was $3.75 per month. As home values have increased, the monthly cost has increased by 75¢ per household, on average.


  • Dearborn Public School district residents receive a substantial tuition discount (in-district tuition is currently $99 per credit hour versus $172 for a non-resident). Out of Michigan’s 28 community colleges and 14 public universities, Dearborn Public School district residents who attend HFC pay the third-lowest tuition rate in the entire state of Michigan.


  • Eligible high school students can take classes at HFC through our many dual enrollment programs, which can lead to zero-cost HFC degrees. By participating in HFC’s dual enrollment programs, many students graduate from the local Dearborn high schools with their freshman and often sophomore years of college already completed, which can result in substantial savings to them in time and money to complete their studies.
  • On average, 36% of college-bound Dearborn Public Schools graduates attend HFC.
  • As recent news reports indicate, students across the nation are leaving college with record-high debt. HFC provides an affordable, quality alternative to the higher cost of four-year institutions by providing lower tuition rates, workforce program options, and a community-recognized, excellent education that can lead to any career.  HFC also offers a four-year tuition freeze guarantee, which assures that today’s tuition rates are frozen for students who graduate from HFC within four years.
  • HFC’s English Language Institute offers instruction in American English, language, and culture. This intensive program prepares students for success in college-level English courses and employment that requires written and oral proficiency in English.

Henry Ford College has a long tradition of providing a high-quality education to students at a low cost. Without the successful passing of this millage proposal, the College would experience budget shortfalls that would negatively affect staffing, facilities, student support services, and technology advancements across campus.

Please exercise your right to vote on November 6.

For more information, visit www.hfcc.edu/millage or www.michigan.gov/vote