Miller Elementary

NWEA Testing

The Dearborn Public Schools have adopted a new assessment called MAP.  This assessment is provided by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).

What is MAP?

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is a state-aligned computerized adaptive assessment program that provides Dearborn teachers with the information they need to improve teaching and learning.

Who takes the MAP?

All grade levels at Miller will take the MAP.

When do Students take the MAP?

Students take the MAP three times a year (Fall, Winter, and Spring)

What subjects are assessed by the MAP?

Math, Reading, Language Usage, and Science

Facts about MAP:

  • is not a state assessment and will not replace the MEAP
  • generates test questions based on student responses
  • gives immediate results
  • is aligned to state standards
  • measures growth over time
  • provides information to help teachers differentiate instruction
  • reports student results in RIT scores

What is a RIT score?

A RIT score (Rasch unit) is an estimation of a student’s instructional level and also measures student progress or growth in school. A student’s RIT score indicates that the student was answering questions correctly 50% of the time at that level of difficulty.