2015-16 School Improvement Plan


All students at Miller Elementary will improve as mathematicians in their use of operations, computations and math vocabulary. Students will build a foundation in the four basic mathematical operations and demonstrate a knowledge of their relationship.

Some of the ways we will accomplish our goal:

  • Use of Math Workshop
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Parent Involvement Opportunities
  • Use of Math Objectives
  • Specific Focus on Math Vocabulary


All Miller Elementary students will demonstrate an ability to read, enjoy and understand the meaning of texts across a variety of genres. Student will learn to read closely during literacy and across all content areas.

Some of the ways we will accomplish our goal:

  • Continued implementation of Daily 5
  • Use of technology
  • Daily mini-lessons
  • Home/School connections such as RAZkids and MyOn


All Miller Elementary students will become proficient writers through improvement in their implementation of 6+1 traits through the writing process. Students will participate daily in Writer’s Workshop, using the writing process to complete final drafts in many genre.

Some of the ways we will accomplish our goal:

  • Use of graphic organizers and sentence stems
  • Exploration with Mentor Texts
  • Guided Practice throughout the Writing Process
  • Teacher & Student conferring

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